Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Essence Season of Extremes Colour^3 Nail Polish

Woot woot!

I was in Priceline on Bourke Street Mall today (not the one opposite Target, the one above the Pancake Parlour) seeing if they had any specials on...and I spotted an Essence stand!!! I'd only seen Essence in Target before, and usually poorly stocked too, so was pretty darn excited to see a nice new looking stand...then I saw THESE:

OMG. The idea between these polishes is that you can wear either end on their own, or layered on top of each other to create a "third" colour. $5.50 each too - it was a no brainer to grab these!

I can't wait to try the bright ones, but I have work tomorrow, and work only allows nail polish "in neutral colours", so tonight I'm rocking My Nude Best Friends and Me.

The "base" colour in MNBFaM is a taupe creme with subtle silver shimmer. It was a bit of a meh texture and required two thick coats to get opaque. Also because the brushes are in the centre section of each tube, when you're painting you not only have the lid of the brush but also the polish at the other end, which is a bit weird to use. The topper in this duo is an iridescent shimmer in a sheer white base. It looks mostly silvery but on the brush bristles (which are black) I could see tiny flashes of pink/red. I'd be keen to try this over a black base to see the colour flash.

When I first put this on I was pretty underwhelmed...I'm not a huge fan of nude shades to begin with so it was already at a disadvantage! However after seeing it in a few different light conditions I'm actually really beginning to like it. The sheer sparkles over the creme create a depth of colour and shine which is really pretty.

This is two coats of the base colour, one coat of the topper, and one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

I'm constantly on the lookout for nice polishes to wear at work - anything which is a bit interesting or out of the ordinary whilst sticking to the neutral colour scheme makes me not so sad to be wearing "boring" nails!

Robyn xox

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