Friday, August 31, 2012

OPI A Grape Fit + Gold Shatter + Essence Make It Golden

Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of posts this week. I've just worked six days in a row so haven't had a lot of free time. Luckily I have still painted my nails a few times so I have some new manicures to show :)

I was looking for a pale lilac/lavender creme which I could wear at work, and saw OPI a Grape Fit on sale online for about $10 so got that - it's one of very few OPIs in my collection as I refuse to pay $24.95 for a bottle of nailpolish which sells for a third of that in the States.

Unfortunately A Grape Fit was a lot darker than I thought it would be so I can't wear this at work but I will still wear it happily out of work. It is a very pretty colour, and goes on nicely in two easy coats.

I need to learn to leave cremes alone once I've done a manicure...I always seem to end up putting glitter or something else on top of them...I really do like how cremes look but I think I get bored too quickly! The day after putting on A Grape Fit I added some OPI Gold Shatter and Essence Make It Golden on the thumb and ring finger.

I might try this with China Glaze White Cap on top next to see if it makes it light enough to wear for work...

Also I bought another bottle of my go-to topcoat, Sally Hansen Insta Dri Non-Chip Topcoat (to be henceforth referred to as SHIDNCT!). I've had my current bottle since February and am reaching the very last dregs, which are cloudy, no doubt from all the nail polish it seems to pick up, and also from being thinned three or four times - this TC gets SERIOUSLY thick and gloopy about two thirds in! I still love it though, even after being thinned a billion times it still dries really fast, and I'm happy with the amount of shine. I'm not sure about the wear time of SHIDNCT as I tend to change my nails every couple of days. Aaaanyway, I was holding out on buying another bottle as it costs something like $16 here in oz, but found a great website, feel unique, which ships FREE to Australia (my favourite thing when I'm internet shopping!) and sells SHIDNCT for less than $10. So I now have a lovely, fresh, runny bottle of SHIDNCT to play with, and my nails are very happy!

Thick, cloudy, old-but-useable SHIDNCT on the left. New, runny, glorious SHIDNCT on the right. I still use the old one but it bubbles pretty badly so I save it for glitters where the bubbles are less noticeable.

 - Robyn x

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