Thursday, September 27, 2012

Essence Choose Me! + Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Fantasy Fire!

Every nail blogger has been coveting this polish since Max Factor released it last year. Allegedly it's a dupe for the mythical and pretty much impossible to obtain Clarins 230. When FF was originally released it was only available in the UK and many Aussies ponied up ridiculous amounts of money on eBay to grab a bottle (if they didn't have a Brit buddy to send them a bottle). I salivated over hundreds - nay, thousands - of photos of FF but refused to pay a lot of money to get it. Well a few weeks ago I went into a chemist (the same one where I got Ulta3 Magnetic in Hypnotic) and there it was! Turns out Max Factor have now released the line which includes FF in Australia so it's quite widely available here now. I bought two bottles because they're pretty tiny (8ml each) and at $5.95 a bottle they're not the cheapest, but still not as expensive as buying OPI in David Jones here.

For this mani I layered three coats of FF over Essence Choose Me!, a dark blue shimmer. I think next time I might try putting it over a creme, I think the shimmer kind of interfered with FF a bit.

Check out that colour shift! My nails were uber distracting while I wore this.

FF should be available wherever Max Factor is sold - Target, Priceline and many pharmacies.

Robyn x

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