Friday, September 14, 2012

Ulta3 Magnetics - Hypnotic

I finally found Ulta3 magnetics!

I must be the worst nail polish hunter in the has taken me months to find these polishes, then I found them at a chemist which I walk past all the time. I found Hypnotic at the Soul Pattinson Chemist on Bourke Street, near the corner of William Street, in the Melbourne CBD.

Hypnotic is a dark reddish purple in the bottle. Also, check out my "nail board" - it's just a bit of thick cardboard I use to protect my desk when I'm painting. The big splodges are from stamping!

Once magnetised, it goes a gorgeous dark berry sort of colour with loads of shimmer with paler streaks which shift as you move your nails.

This polish is pretty tricky to apply. You have to put down a thickish coat (on top of an already dry coat), then while it's still wet you have to hold the magnet just above the nail. Ulta3 magnets are simply stuck onto a piece of cardboard so it can be tricky to get the magnet at the right height. I had a few mishaps - once I held the magnet too far away and the pattern didn't appear, another time I got polish on the magnet from holding it too close. You also have to do one nail at a time and since I'm a bit of a klutz I did smudge a couple of nails.

The finished result on my nails (with a permanent marker streak on my index finger - oops! I was labelling swatch sticks). You can see how tiny my nails are compared to my swatch stick :) My Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat probably wasn't the best choice for this manicure as you can see it's dragged some of the colour - next time I will probably put a normal top coat and then the Insta Dri. Also, on the nails I fudged, instead of taking everything off and starting again, I just whacked another coat on top and went on my merry way. I think the polish must be quite slow drying because I went to bed five hours later and woke up the next morning with pseudo-sheet marks on those nails (the top coat was dry but the polish underneath was still soft). Next time I won't be so lazy!

What so you guys think of magnetics? I personally quite like the effect. Everyone makes magnetics now so you should be able to find some cool colours out there!

Robyn x

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