Monday, October 1, 2012

CH Nails Magnetic 60

My boyfriend and I had our first anniversary a little while ago. We agreed to not do big extravagant presents but to get something small for each other to mark the occasion, as we're both living on strict budgets (he's a full time student and I only just started working full time after deferring my studies this semester). It was a lovely sunny day so we went down to Studley Park Boat House (Melbournians, if you haven't been there - go! It's gorgeous!) and I was presented with this:

Magnetic nail polish! I have the most awesome boyfriend ever!

This is a brand called CH Nails. Neither of us were able to find much information about them (he spent a while researching on the internet before buying these, bless!). He got them for me right before I finally found the Ulta3 magnetics, after listening to me moan that I couldn't find them anywhere - how adorable is that? Well now I never have to buy another magnetic polish...

This is CH Nails number 60 (there's no names, just numbers), using two of the magnets from the set that BF very thoughtfully included with the polishes. The blur on my ring finger is meant to be a starburst, but I'm not very good with the magnets just yet. More practice is required - luckily I have another 11 colours to try out :D

Robyn x

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