Friday, October 12, 2012

Ulta3 Sunset Pink


Another Ulta3 for you today. This is Sunset Pink, an intense blue-toned pink creme (it kind of reminds me of those Redskin lollies you used to get as a kid - I wonder if they're still available? They're delicious!).

Application on this was not awesome - it's quite a thick and gluggy polish and did not want to level on the nail at all, and I actually ended up with a weird lump on the tip of my thumbnail where the excess polish did not smooth out. The finish on this without topcoat is not quite gloss, not quite matte - sort of an in between rubbery look, which I quite liked, but ended up using top coat to try and even out the lumps. I might try and add thinner to this so I can wear it without top coat in the future.

Robyn x

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