Monday, October 15, 2012

Essie Smooth Sailing


A gorgeous, gorgeous Essie for you today. This is Smooth Sailing, which I picked up with my other Essie in Adelaide. Smooth Sailing is a dusty cornflower blue with tiny glass flecks in it - they look silver from a distance but if you look reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally closely you can actually see that they're a mix of pale pink and pale blue flecks.

Application was glorious! I have heard time and again from many bloggers how much of a joy it is to do a manicure with Essies and I have to say, it's all true. This picture (as are all my pictures) is with absolutely no cleanup. The brush was perfect and made it super easy to get a neat line, and it was the perfect consistency, like butter. I bought 14 Essies from Ozsale when they had their Essie sale (and my bank balance hated me for it!) and can't wait for them to arrive :)

Robyn x

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  1. Beautiful colour love corn flower blues I'm waiting for my essie oz sale purchase as well and hate how long it takes for them to post :(