Friday, October 5, 2012

Max Factor Purple Haze + Ozotic 528


Today's manicure is a multichromic, glittery beauty. Max Factor Purple Haze is a dark, almost dusty purple creme which went on in two fairly cooperative coats (I HATE the brush that comes with this polish though - it's in the same bottle as Fantasy Fire. Stupid tiny mini splayed out brush which makes control impossible, hence the gross messy cuticles). On top I did three coats of Ozotic 528, a gorgeous multichrome glitter which shifts from turquoise to fuchsia to (at extreme angles) an orange leaning gold.

Check out that shift! It's even more noticeable in real life.

A photo with flash to show Purple Haze underneath.

Unfortunately 528 has been discontinued and I don't know if it's available anymore.

Robyn x

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  1. So pretty! Multichrome polishes are amazing!