Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sportsgirl Arctic Glamour


Another lovely bright creme for you today. This is Sportsgirl Arctic Glamour.

I'm not really sure why this is called Arctic Glamour, as it seems more of a 'hot' colour to me, but this is a saturated turquoise which is more green-leaning in real life but surprisingly does not give me lobster hands. Application on this was ok. I didn't give the bottle enough of a shake before I tried my first coat and so it came out a bit watery with clumps of pigment, which might actually be an interesting look, but  after a vigorous shake it's very even, with a nice shiny finish. This is three coats with topcoat but the topcoat didn't make a huge amount of difference to the shine (I just wear it out of habit otherwise my manicures would never last more than a day). This colour is currently in stock at Sportsgirl but if you want it it's probably best to head down to grab one sooner rather than later, as Sportsgirl tends to change their colours fairly often.

Robyn x

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