Monday, October 8, 2012

China Glaze Strawberry Fields + Revlon Sheer Seafoam + Revlon Radiant

I went into Priceline recently and they had reduced all their Revlon polishes to $9.95 so I picked up Sheer Seafoam and Radiant. Also, the first anniversary of my grandmother's passing happened recently as well. She was my last surviving grandparent and we were quite close, so I did a manicure that I think she would have enjoyed - she loved pink and sparkles :)

The pink nails are (surprise, surprise) two coats of Strawberry Fields. I hadn't worn this before and I'm glad I finally did - this is a gorgeous polish! I couldn't really get the colour accurate in the photo even with colour correcting, it's quite a vivid cool pink loaded with gold shimmer. For the thumb and ring fingers I did one coat of Sheer Seafoam, one coat of Radiant and then two more coats of Sheer Seafoam. I have to admit that even though SSF was labelled as such, I wasn't expecting it to be *that* sheer! I might have to mix it with a creme if I wear it by itself. I'm not looking forward to removing the glitter...I keep forgetting to buy PVA glue to make a peel off basecoat though.

 Robyn x

PS If you're lucky enough to still have them, go hug your grandparents x

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